Have I become dependant on CSS Frameworks?

There’s no denying it, CSS frameworks are great. Some might say that they bloat up websites, and have way more content than you actually need, but others will tell you that they’re a blessing. I’ve been using CSS frameworks in every project I’ve done since 2015. Well, all projects except one, Spencer. Spencer was more mobile centric, and didn’t have any CSS elements per-say, as all it’s design elements were designed in house at Percolate Galactic.

We're re-building the website, again!

When I started working at Percolate about 2 months ago, amongst the tast of building out Spencer (and later on, [I’m Crushing it]), one of my primary tasks was re-building the website. Over the past 2 months however, as we’ve been busy setting up the projects I previously mentioned, Donda, our best practices and SOP blog and some other internal stuff, we kept going back to the website and ignoring it after a while.

Using Sketch as a Developer

I’ve never really been much of a graphic designer. I do design, but my designs are more simplistic and minimal kinda designs. Stuff like the Simpledown logo or the other designs on my portfolio. I got into design when I needed a logo and some other graphics for my YouTube channel, and I sorta picked it up from there. I’ve done some contract work for clients, but never anything huge like brand identity or whatever.

Windows Woes

It’s fascinating how setting up a dev environment on Mac and Linux take about a minute or so, and trying to do the same thing on Windows can take hours. Sure, at the end you get the same result, but getting there is so much faster on a Mac.

Unorganised Ramblings.

This post was supposed to be called “Why I want to be a product manager”, but after reading it, it had barely anything to do with that. Therefore, I have changed the title to something a little more fitting.

Why I built "Simpledown"

Necessary Redesign.

About a week ago now, I shipped Simpledown, a simple, web-based Markdown editor. I built it using Vue.js, based off a template that was in the Vue docs. However, it’s been a week and therefore it was obviously the time to revamp the entire thing. I kid.

Frameworks (CSS & JS)

These past 2 days, I’ve been diving deep into CSS frameworks and how CSS works. Why? Well it ironically started with JavaScript frameworks. To be honest, I never really learned JavaScript. I learned Java, I already knew HTML and CSS, so I just started building JS apps and using tools like GitHub and StackOverflow to help me along the way, and so far it’s worked out fine. It’s helped me with building simple stuff like I’m Crushing It and smaller stuff within the app like animating text, getting twitter sharing to import stuff from the DOM, etc. It even helped me build out the PDF Magazine Reader on the Rabelais website and a lot of other small stuff in the various websites I have built over the years.

Sharing files over a network

I’m a huge fan of tools that make file sharing easier. Over the years I’ve tried pretty much every tool for file and media sharing over a network, everything from Younity and BitTorrent sync to setting up a samba server. However, the bugs that presented themselves with all those left me to just end up using dropbox for everything instead.

building "I'm Crushing It"

Hey reader, yes you, how have you been? Good. Now that we got that out of the way, do you have any resolutions for this year? I know, resolutions are stupid, an opinion not many people agree with. Luckily, everyone I work with over at Percolate Galactic agrees. That’s why we set out to build imcrushing.it, the brainchild of our brilliant CEO Ryan. I’m crushing it is a New Year Resolution generator that pokes fun at people who make new year resolutions, by providing you with the most sarcastic, nasty and hilarious resolutions the 10 of us could come up with. So yeah, the next time someone asks you what your resolution for the year is, we’ve got you covered.