Baby Steps, Maybe?

So a while back I wrote a post where I was really looking forward to trying out Jade and SASS for working on the new company landing page. However, once we finalised what the design would look like and it was time to start building, I ran into a lot more problems than I thought I would.

Previously, I had planned on using Jade + SASS, and was going to build it on Zurb Foundation. However, an hour into the project, I knew that wasn't going to work.

Here's the problem, I found myself looking up the basics a lot. Compiling the Jade and SASS wasn't too bad since I had Prepros running in the background which worked great. However, I wasn't accustomed to foundation, so I was on the docs a lot. On top of that, I was looking up a lot of Jade and SASS basics as well, so I was spending a lot of time doing that.

I decided to scrap all that, well most of that, and go back to basics. I went back to Bootstrap 3, because that's what I know how to do. I would have preferred using Solid, but at the end of the day I'm not that experienced in it and it would have ended up like Zurb again. In addition to that, I recently learned of an Atom plugin that adds bootstrap shortcodes, which makes workflow much faster. Bootstrap also has more features.

As much as I would have liked to use Jade, the bootstrap shortcodes actually make it seem faster than working in Jade, so I decided to opt out of that. I am however, still using SASS, well SCSS. I really like SASS, but I soon realized down the road, there might come a time where I wouldn't be the only developer working on this website, and it would be unfair that the next developer would have any clue about SASS, so SCSS would be a lot more familiar to them.

So yeah, baby steps with SCSS now. I even stopped using Prepros, as I wanted to learn how the compiling process works myself, so I'm using gulp to convert my sass into css. Which is nice, cause now I'm not dependent on a 3rd party app.

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