Great tool for backend blog stuff

It's no hidden fact that I'm a huge Vox Media fanboy. Mostly it begins with my die hard love for The Verge, even over the past few months where they haven't felt as much as Verge as before (ever since Creighton, David, Billy, Adrienne, Evan, Dann, Ellis and the others left) but it's still one of the best (if not the best) tech websites out there. Not to mention that their video team produces content that is lightyears ahead of the others, and you can really tell when watching videos from YouTuber's nowdays that they pull inspiration from Verge Video (even if they don't admit it). My probably worrysome love for The Verge aside, another great arm of Vox Media's is their product team.

As someone who is a technology journalist (*cough*, blogger), but also a tech enthusiast, I find my self amazed and intrigued by the tech that goes into the backend and creation of the content that most people on see from the front. For example, Fanboys, the article that changes it's layout and design based on the device you use, was mind blowing to not just read, but experience as well. What I loved even more though, was that the Vox Product blog gave us a behind the scenes look into the inception and creation of the format which to me, was way more fun than the product itself. It's since that day that I've been following the Vox Product blog, and that is also one of the reasons I want to work with the tech that goes into journalism. Yeah, I'm a really geeky guy. What I wouldn't give to play around with Chorus.

Now, back to the entire reason I was writing this article. Vox Product today announced Autotune, which is like a management system for creating charts, quizzes, graphs and stuff. As far as I can tell, it's what they've been implementing on lately (especially that cool duo image slider thing they use for reviews) and was a product of the Verge Hack Week (I think?). Essentially now that it's open source, anyone can fork it or install it on their own CMS, and use it for their own websites. WHICH IS COOL. Yay for tools and tech.

For more tools that I like, check out my starred repositories on GitHub.

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