Have I become dependant on CSS Frameworks?

There's no denying it, CSS frameworks are great. Some might say that they bloat up websites, and have way more content than you actually need, but others will tell you that they're a blessing. I've been using CSS frameworks in every project I've done since 2015. Well, all projects except one, Spencer. Spencer was more mobile centric, and didn't have any CSS elements per-say, as all it's design elements were designed in house at Percolate Galactic.

Back to the main part of this story. I'm currently sitting in a class called CSE2ICE - Internet Client Engineering. The goal for the end of this class, to build a website. Ironic. I know. However, this website would have to be built from scratch. That includes all my own CSS. It's not impossible, and I'm definitely excited. Who knows, by the end of this class I may actually end up building my own CSS framework. OH MY GOD THAT'S WHAT I'M GOING TO DO. I'M GOING TO BUILD A CSS FRAMEWORK.

I am very excited. Also, I've got Mitch and Phil on my team, so there should be some fun coding sessions.

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