It's time to learn how to code

Yes, I know I have always said that I wanted to learn how to code and slowly I have been learning. i tried learning Java at school but sadly, I think I must've forgotten how to write even a simple GIGO program by now. For those of you lesser tech informed humans, GIGO stands for "Garbage In Garbage Out". An acronymisation (or acronymization for you American folk) of a program that does nothing but output certain data to the user, not requiring any input or calculation.

So after my failed attempt at Java, I tried learning html, be it from some various sources online, to some books I read. I knew enough html to get me through basic stuff but it was never really to the level that I wanted it to be.

You must be wondering, why do I want to learn to code so bad if it didn't work out the last time? Why do I keep trying again and again? Well the simple truth to it all, coding is essential to what I want to do. I want to work in the tech industry, I want to be able to understand everything related to technology and it's systems and for that I require an understanding of a few programming languages. I want to be able to solve problems, to be able to create working programs by just typing up a variation of code. I want to be like Mark Zuckerberg's fictional representation in "The Social Network" as portrayed by Jesse Esienberg.

So now the steps I've taken; As I mentioned I never really studied HTML seriously, but I'm going to now. I'm starting with HTML and CSS and am 25% through codeacademy's Web Fundamentals class. I find that I've learned more with a couple of days on codeacademy as compared to hours spent watching tutorials. After I'm done with the web fundamentals I'm probably going to try mixing it up and giving PHP a go before I move on to JavaScript. Following that I will try to learn Ruby/Rails if I get the chance and motivation to and I won't stop till I have dominated at least 8 essential languages, and no COBOL doesn't count.

I shall be chronicling my journey here on this blog so stay tuned my fellow enthusiasts and heck, maybe help me on the motivation side of things.

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