One Day at a Time

Building a body of work (or a life) is all about the slow accumulation of a day’s worth of effort over time. Writing a page each day doesn’t seem like much, but do it for 365 days and you have enough to fill a novel.

This quote by Austin Kleon, has really helped me wake up. His article (yes its linked) basically says that you should take whatever you do a day at a time. Yes, this is a relatively old and worn out quote but he puts in fresh prospective. I'm not one to make new year resolutions, cause I feel that giving it that tag makes it something you're never going to do anyway.

In perspective, what I learned from this is that I need to set targets for days, not months or even weeks, days. Let me give you an example, when I set out to learn how to code I had said that I would learn HTML and CSS the first month and JavaScript the next. Instead what I should have been doing was setting myself to learn part of HTML one day and taken the next day when it came.

Did that last sentence confuse you as much as it did me? Okay good. Cause I've got too many thoughts running through my head at the moment. See you in a few.

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