SASS is really, really good.

Hey you, yes, you there. you see this blog you're reading this post on? Does it look different? It does doesn't it. Previously, it was on a dark grey background, with white text. I really liked it, but a lot of people didn't. So I thought, why not try going back to my old white & green colour scheme. The thing is, my CSS was a mess. So, instead of catching up on lectures last night, I decided to re-factor my entire CSS as SCSS.

The first time I had tried using SCSS was on the new Percolate Galactic website, and I loved how much faster it made everything. To be honest, I'm not even using it to its full potential. I use SCSS for two main reasons, Nesting and Variables. With variables, I don't have to keep copying and pasting my colour code, which has saved me an insane amount of time, also, if I ever want to test a different colour scheme out, I just need to change one line of code.

However, probably the thing I used most for this website, was nesting. I never actually learned CSS properly like through a course or whatever, so I'm still not confident when it comes to "change the colour of all the links within this div only", and with nesting it makes that so much easier. I used this a lot because I wanted my links on my masthead and footer to look different to body links.

Long story short, SASS / SCSS is really really good, and I can see myself using it on a lot more projects from now on.

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