Sometimes, things work out.

A couple of hours after contacting my hosting provider, they got back to me with what they thought was bad news. Their backup script stopped working, and the last backup they had of my website was over a month old. To most people, this really would be a problem. However, this past month for me has been so busy, that I actually didn't upload a single blog post. Yes, that means that they were able to restore my blog and it's back up and running.

Now, remember in the previous post I said I was fine with that theme and that it would stick for about a year? I was wrong. I looked at it again, and it just looked too "Medium-y". So yeah, I'm going to change the design to better reflect the simplicity that I want it to reflect. Plain text on a plain background.


So now that all this is over, I thought I'd write about what I've been doing lately. So after exams were done, I got back into web development really heavily. I've been building out a business landing page for Content Collision, and I've also started an internship at Percolate Galactic, which is hands down one of the coolest desing houses in Jakarta. I've only been there about 2 weeks and I already can't imagine leaving. So with them, I've been working on re-building their whole web-presence. At first we thought we'd use squarepace and replicate the current website (that had just been built about 6 months ago), but after taking a look at the results we decided it would be better to build the website from scratch, so I've been doing that based on the layout and designs that their incredible designers have come up with, and we should have a finished product soon.

While I'm not working on the website, I've been trying to build an app. Percolate had this concept of a fortune telling cat-in-a-box, that gives you fortunes you may not want to hear. They had the whole box thing, where at events an intern would just sit inside the box and hand people their fortunes, so I set about turning that into a full-fledged app. I prototyped the app in Java first, before moving that over to JavaScript with a front-end that if you ask me, is horrible. That's not a problem though, it's just a prototype, sorta like a proof-of-life. Now all I have to do is learn either react native or swift, and turn it into an actual app. You can check out the prototype here, but shh, don't tell anyone I told you.

p.s. I started vlogging again! Check out episode 1 and let me know what you think!

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