Using Sketch as a Developer

I've never really been much of a graphic designer. I do design, but my designs are more simplistic and minimal kinda designs. Stuff like the Simpledown logo or the other designs on my portfolio. I got into design when I needed a logo and some other graphics for my YouTube channel, and I sorta picked it up from there. I've done some contract work for clients, but never anything huge like brand identity or whatever.

Whenever I've needed to do any design however, I've used Photoshop. Be it a design for a website I'm working on or whipping up a quick logo for a friend or something, I use Photoshop. I'm comfortable with it, and coming from Adobe Premiere Pro, it kinda just came naturally to me. Over the past year or so, every designer I've interacted with on the internet or listened to on a podcast has sworn by Sketch, calling it the photoshop killer. It seemed really cool, so I bought it using a discount code I found somewhere. I tried playing around with it, but since then, I never really had any use for it.

About a month ago, I had a friend ask me to do a logo for this new company he was planning on working on. So I launched Sketch, having no prior knowledge of it, and I really wasn't sure how to do many things. So I quit Sketch and whipped it up in Photoshop.

Today, I had to make a wireframe for a website, and as much as my instict was pushing me toward the Ps icon, I decided to do it in Sketch. I have to say, I'm really quite impressed. Sure I could have done the same thing in Photoshop, but using Sketch was just more fun. It loaded instantly, so I could immediately get my ideas down, it was intuitive and did everything I needed it to. 
As I focus more on development, I could really see Sketch being an important tool in my workflow, for wireframing and outlines and such. Maybe as I do more UI and design stuff I'll use Sketch for that too. I know Sketch isn't really made for wireframing and there are many more appropriate tools out there, with a lot more features, but at the moment, it does what I need and it lets me do that fairly quickly, so I'm really liking it, for now.

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