What is the Snapchat Benchmark?

Originally posted on 08/07/2015

A couple of people that follow me on twitter have asked me lately, why does it say "Creator of the Snapchat Benchmark" on my profile.

So what exactly is the Snapchat Benchmark??

Essentially, the Snapchat Benchmark is an ideology that was first implemented when I reviewed Xiaomi's Mi4i, that builds on the foundation of testing a phone's capability to keep up with the things people in my age group would do on a day to day basis rather than just with the regular, processor based benchmarks that most people run (aka GeekBench or Antutu).

The benchmark runs through several elements of using snapchat, such as how quick it is, how long snap stories take to load, whether it can handle filters without crashing, is video laggy and many more factors. The main reason for using Snapchat as the benchmark app is

  • it's what my friends and I, and most of the people in my age group use on a daily basis.
  • It's the only app that always has problems on Android.

On my HTC One, video on Periscope/Meerkat would work flawlessly, taking pictures on the regular camera app worked like a charm, but take it into Snapchat and videos would have a weird green hue to it, videos would be choppy and unwatchable and even attempting to swipe to add filters would cause the entire phone to crash.

Another thing that inspired me to create the Snapchat benchmark was when a friend asked me for a phone recommendation and I asked what his requirements were, he responded with *"pretty much just snapchat"*.

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