Why I built "Simpledown"

Ever since I was introduced to Markdown a couple of years ago, I’ve been in love with it. I use it everywhere I can, and there are some really great Markdown editors out there.

However, when I’m at university, I often have to work off the computers in the lab, which allow you to install your own apps but uninstall them on every logout, and often I’m scrambling just take down a few short notes, make a to-do list for the current task in class, or even just format an email. Most of the time, I really can’t be bothered logging in to Draft just to make a few notes that I don’t even want to save. I’ve spent a lot of time over the past year looking at web markdown editors that don’t require me to login, and I never really found one that was clean and barebones enough. All the ones I saw either had ads, or was over bloated with features. As time went on I just forgot about and used Notepad instead, even though it would’ve been nice to have something similar to that but with Markdown support.

Earlier this week, I was browsing through the Vue.js docs, and I found the little markdown sample code, and I thought hey, that’s exactly what I want out of mine. So I just copied the code over, put it in a container so that it didn’t take up the whole screen and used it on my personal server for a few minutes.

A couple of minutes later, I had the idea that it would be pretty neat if I could download the markdown file that I was writing, just in case I would ever need to. A half hour on stackoverflow later and I had a working save local feature. That’s when I decided to clean it up a little, mainly because I needed an excuse to give Solid a try anyway. I gave it a header, cleaned it up, put some intro text and now it’s here. Version 0.001 or whatever. I’ve been using it on and off for the past 2 days or so, and I’m happy with what it does.

I’m adding a Save to Dropbox button, because that may come in handy sometime, and may add a feature that allows you to export the style to HTML, but I’m not sure if I want to include that or not, because I don’t want it to get too bloated.

You can access the app on Simpledown.co and give me your criticisms and feedback on twitter!

you can find the code for Simpledown on my GitHub.

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