Here's some stuff I've done.
You can also find my work on Github and Dribbble.

  • JustDo
    An experiment with React Native and styled components
  • Percolate Galactic
    Percolate's homepage redesign
  • Simpledown
    A markdown app, built for the web
  • InStock
    An Invoicing and Stock Management System built with Vue.JS.
  • Oddamatic
    A proof of concept web-app, currently in beta
  • Metrobe
    A better public transport app, built for La Trobe University
  • text-gradients
    A CSS library to add gradients to text
  • La Trobe Snapchat Geofilter
    A snapchat geofilter
  • Spencer
    An iOS app built with JavaScript
  • Content Collision
    Homepage build and re-design
  • I'm Crushing It
    A sarcastic New Year's Resolution Generator
  • Imagination Fragrances
    E-Commerce portal build & website design
  • UOB x Tristan Eaton Face Tag
    A 3D AR Filter for the Facebook Camera in partnership with UOB Bank and street artist Tristan Eaton
  • Markdown-to-API
    A script that takes existing markdown formatted blog posts and converts it to json, serving it over a REST API.
  • Internal Agency Projects and Unlaunched Material
    A bunch of stuff that I haven't been able to show yet, but will as soon as I can