What does it mean to be a Designer?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the title “Designer”. Chances are, you probably thought of someone who works with graphics or possibly even interfaces. It’s 2018, and the word design itself is synonymous with the concept of art, something relatively visual and, for the lack of a better word, pretty.

Separation of Concerns, even in personal wesbites.

disclaimer: I tend to write a lot more than necessary, especially when I start writing. The real thoughts of this blog post start under the title that says NOW. Thanks.

Why is Everyone Obsessed With Writing CSS as JavaScript?

There comes a point in many web developers lives, where they’ve spent the last two or so years moving from stack to stack learning the new hottest thing in tech, trying to see if its right for them, only to get insanely overwhelmed by all these new technologies and just break down and stick with one. I wouldn’t say I’ve hit this point yet, but I have hit a pretty different one. I’ve reached the stage, where although I’m excited to learn the new hotness, I’m skeptical on some of the opinions that its community may hold.

Simpledown 1.2

What seems like a lifetime ago now, I pushed simpledown to the web. Simpledown was born out of a need for a simple text editor, with markdown support, that would let me immediately pull up a browser and start writing down my thoughts. Having a simple, browser based (due to constraints that I had previously written about) markdown editor was something I had always wanted, but was never really motivated to build. That is until I found the example in the Vue.js docs. I basically took that version, wrapped it in some html and css, and threw it onto a server. One day into using it, I hated it. So I scrapped the entire thing. However, having already had a taste of what I was looking for, I sought out some github repo’s that would help me do what I want. A day or so later, I had a better, more usable version. And that’s how Simpledown 1.1 was born.

Setting up skeleton files with Vim

Vim, for those of you who use it (I mean if you don’t use it this article probably is of no use to you), is actually a pretty powerful tool. I’ve been using it on and off lately, and I’m still trying to get the hang of it myself.

My first steps with Gulp

I’ve just spent the last 2 days working with Gulp, and I have a lot of thoughts. Granted, this wasn’t my first time using Gulp (I had used it previously to compile SCSS on the Percolate website), but it was my first time actually trying to understand what it does instead of just copying code off the internet.

More Fanboying over Facebook

I’ve written before about the weird obsession I have with wanting to work for Facebook. No, not because of all the perks and stuff. More so, because of the ethos and the way anyone who’s ever worked at the place just talks about it with so much passion. It’s hard to explain, but read this brilliant article about Facebook’s determination to kill Google Plus and you’ll kinda get the idea.

The Case for Modular and Functional CSS

Over the past couple of years, many buzzwords have arisen around CSS. Immutable, Functional, Modular, and they all pretty much mean the same thing. Write CSS as clean and simple as possible, without trying to over complicate it and turn it into a programming language. I’ve been trying to write clean and functional CSS for about the past year now. I try to make sure all my class names make sense and a re-usable, and also aren’t to broad.

SASS is really, really good.

Hey you, yes, you there. you see this blog you’re reading this post on? Does it look different? It does doesn’t it. Previously, it was on a dark grey background, with white text. I really liked it, but a lot of people didn’t. So I thought, why not try going back to my old white & green colour scheme. The thing is, my CSS was a mess. So, instead of catching up on lectures last night, I decided to re-factor my entire CSS as SCSS.

Baby Steps, Maybe?

So a while back I wrote a post where I was really looking forward to trying out Jade and SASS for working on the new company landing page. However, once we finalised what the design would look like and it was time to start building, I ran into a lot more problems than I thought I would.