Hi, I'm Soham

I work on technology executions in the Advertising space.

My Story, so far.

I'm currently a Senior Technologist at GOODSTUPH. Half my time is taken up by writing code, building databases and designing software systems, while the other half generally gets taken up consulting on projects, writing slide decks and thinking of ideas.

When I code, I work mostly with Go, Node, and whichever front end framework is hype right now. In addition to that, I also write a lot of SQL and bash scripts. I do it all in Vim, even though its first public release was 4 years before I was born.

My focus is on functional and practical design, as well as performant systems.

When I’m not writing code or drawing up UML diagrams, I’m playing with gadgets and eating really hot wings in preparation for the day Sean Evans calls me up to be a guest on Hot Ones.

If you want to get in touch, Twitter and Insta DM’s are open, or you could email me: snazzyham [at] gmail [dot] com.