Case Studies


A Public Transport App for Latrobe University

Other Select Work

#BukaBrankasAOTD 🔒

A live billboard project, with real-time data polling from twitter, made for Netflix Indonesia's launch of Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead.

iknowyou.app 👁

A privacy checker built for HBO to celebrate the premiere of Westworld season 3.

BMW Eurokars 🏎

A new home for Indonesia's exclusive BMW M Dealer. Built with Node, React and Next.js.

Spatulah 🍳

A tool that scrapes instagram comments and stores them as a CSV. Used by over 100k users and pretty much every company with a social media team.

Presentations 🎁

An HTML powered presentation framework.

KenaPHK 📈

A dashboard to visualise the affect 2020 had on unemployment in Indonesia.

BigPool.com 🌊

A landing page for an exciting new entrant to the insurtech space.

Tally 📝

A notepad, that's also a calculator.

Markdown-to-API 🖥

A script that takes existing markdown fromatted blog posts, converts it to JSON and serves it over a REST API.