My Workand links to my work

Some of my select work

UOB x Tristan Eaton 👤

A 3D AR Filter for the Facebook Camera in partnership with UOB Bank and street artist Tristan Eaton

La Trobe Snapchat Geofilter 📸

The first snapchat geofilter to go live at the LTU campus

InStock 📦

An inventory and invoicing management system, built with Vue and Node.js

JustDo ✅

An experiment with React Native

Markdown-to-API 🖥️

A script that takes existing markdown formatted blog posts and converts it to json, serving it over a REST API.

Metrobe 🚌

A better public transport app, built for La Trobe University

Oddamatic 📷

A proof of concept camera app for the browser, build using Web RTC

Simpledown 🖋️

A Markdown editor built for the web

Spencer 📱

An iOS app built with JavaScript, with a companion web app.

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